Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kicked Up The Butt By A Rainbow

Welcome back ladies and jellybeans,

The lovely Lucy over at Diminishing Lucy is currently running a pretty cool competition. I don't normally get into competitions, and I have no doubt there are quite a few people more deserving of winning this one than me, people who actually need the stuff she is giving away and won't potentially re-gift the beauty products because they never have time to use them themselves.

But I do love a good blog. And Lucy's is one of my favorites. Not least of all because she is responsible for the recent introduction of a new phrase into my vocabulary.

And that phrase is- It's like being kicked up the butt by a rainbow. Pause for a second, take it in. It's got quite a ring to it, doesn't it?

So, in honour of the lovely Lucy Lu, here is my list of my very favorite things. Things that make me feel just like I've been kicked square up the behind by a big fat leprechaun-y rainbow. With a pot of shiny, bling-licious gold at the end.

My gorgeous little princess Bump, who I get to dress in pretty, frilly pink clothes. And her unbelievable entrance into the world. More on that in a future post.

Good mates. Like Bo, Kimmy Ann, Chan, Jus, Courtney, Sarah, Ez and Maz. And all the laughter they bring with them.

Being married. I'm a Mrs. That's pretty cool, yes? I like it. Just call me Mrs D.

Taking photos. I know you're probably all sick of my photography efforts by now. Meh. I like taking 'em. Bad luck.

Yoga. Like a good eight hours sleep. That makes your body hurt for the next two freaking days.

A nice cuppa tea. Yuh, I'm a big nanna.

Chocolate mud cake and vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately, the last part of that sentence should be "from Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat restaurants". Except they went and closed them all and turned the local one into a gym. A gym. The irony.

Nanna naps. To recover from the yoga. No, seriously, I love a good nap, while the rest of the world moves on outside. And it means I can stay up later and blog, without being Cranky Mum the next day.

A good shag. Cause we're being honest.

Juggling. It's a left brain activity. And I'm good at it. Not really. But I can do it.

Dressing up and looking pretty. It doesn't happen very often, what with the kidlets and all. Skirts and heels and straightened hair are special dress up stuff, and, boy, are they fun. Excuse me, is that my SAHM-ness showing? Or just my general loser-ness peeking though?

Cigarettes. *ahem* *cough* *splutter* And... *inhale*.

Forget I said that last one.

Da da da da! That's all folks. I could go on, but that'll do for now. Of course, in the spirit of mushiness and free blog love, there is one more thing I really should add....

Blogging. And y'all. Cause there's a big multi-coloured bum kick right there.


Lucy said...

Gorgeous images. Gorgeous girl. Gorgeous Blog. Do less smoking and more shagging, and that rainbow will be kicking you even higher............(there speaks a very prim "I smoked for 27 years but now I don't" ex-smoker, LOL!)xx

Madmother said...

What she said, lol.

Draft Queen said...

Such a great phrase!

kbxmas said...

Brilliant! I read alot of bloggy lists but I think this is my favorite. I know I'm not handing out awards but I think it has *winner* written all over it. How come you're not my Facebook friend? That's just wrong. And thanks for the scarf clarification. Sounds a lot like the wrist-tie-thingy-marital-aid my hubby bought me for Christmas. Sounds a little dangerous around the neck. But if you guys are into that sort of thing, I'm not judging...

Amy xxoo said...

Nice list. Only, i gotta say, if yoga makes you hurt then you arent doing it properly ( thats the Yoga Nazi in me coming out... ).
Also nanna naps rock my world...

Tmena said...

All of a sudden I want to sing "These are a few of my Favorite Things" now.

Brenda said...

Yes, a good shag. Definitely! I'm being real, yo'.; )

ezymay said...

I'm a bit slow in getting a comment on this one but gotta say love you too Loz!!! And my first ever mention in a blog :)

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