Thursday, April 8, 2010

Muse Wars- Challenge Eight

Welcome back Muse Warriors...

First off, the yadda yadda yadda... Originally the brilliant idea of Melissa at The Things I'd Tell You, christened the Muse Wars by the MadMother when she set Challenge Two. Challenge Three by was set by the Menopausal Mumma, Challenge Four by yours truly. Challenge Five was set by the muchly awesome Gemma at Sometimes You Just Need To Vent. Challenge Six was again set by Kakka at Menopausal Mumma. And Challenge Seven by me again.

This time, it's Challenge Eight set by the MadMother. She totally stumped with me this one. Therefore, I am going to subject you to some of my poetry. Please direct all hate mail to the MadMother, she is to blame for what you are about to be assaulted by.


Rainbows drip from her fingertips.

She is



And the buildings of the city rise to meet her.

Her breath comes in candy clouds.

Her mind whispers spinning secrets.






Rainbow wings can't catch her now.

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Madmother said...

That is pretty good you know...

Lori said...

Haha thanks MM. I did do all kinds of groovy things with the spacing, but Blogger chewed them all.

Kakka said...

I really liked that. My attempt will come tonight. I too am struggling with this Challenge - a hard one MM.

kbxmas said...

Just squeaked by under the 500 word limit. I like it.

Jen said...

That is very cool! I really like it :)

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