Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smile! Now!

Beep beep,

Just some things that have made me smile so far this week...

Woohoo!! My blog is worth more than my car!! (Thanks for that one Jen).

Bloody good advice. Seriously, people, how much room are a couple of boatloads of people gonna take up? And is poor old Schappelle really gonna hurt you?

This one doesn't really need a caption. Eeyore's a guru from another hoodoo.

C'mon Savannah, give the poor guy a break. Is that desperation I smell?

And, finally, some happy weekend music for y'all... listen to it, if it doesn't get you boppy I'll send you a packet of jellybeans. Maybe.

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Ratz said...

If it helps, my blog is worth 45,033.81.... tehehehe. You can smile for me too...! Coz i myself can't believe it. I am so.... getting that money.

Lucy said...

When I tried to find out how much my blog was worth it crashed my 'puter. Read into that what you will, LOL!

I do like that song, bigtime.

Madmother said...

Skated to that song on Friday!

Off to see my $$$$$ worth.

Sarah said...

How did mine come out with $10,691.74 ??? I wonder if I can sell it to get the money LOL

Lucy yours is $856.88 !

Lori said...

Hahaha Lucy you got so ripped off!

Tmena said...

Nice. Love the sayings here. And I'm almost scared to click on the "worth" button.

lori said...

love the Eyore quote and love Train!

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