Saturday, June 26, 2010

It happens on Monday.

Try to contain your excitement, ladies and jellybeans.

Those you who have been following for a while may remember I once mentioned the idea of doing the Crappest GiveAway Ever.

I have finally gotten off my bum and got it organised.

Stay tuned. It's all happening Monday.

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Mrs Woog said...

My house is full of crap - so I am looking at winning a bit more! EXCITED

Nerdycomputergirl said...

ooo can't wait!

Teacher Mommy said...

But I'm getting RID of the crap in my life!!! Sigh.

Katie said...

So, I once went to Las Vegas.
At one of the casino's my name was drawn to spin the BIG WHEEL.
Of course, I spun the wheel.
My prize?
$10 OR Ten dollars worth of beads (ala Mardi Gras, minus the boob flashing)
Guess what I picked???
The beads, obviously!
And no, I wasn't drunk.
I just like crap.
I'll be here Monday with ten buck worth o'beads on baby!

Wanderlust said...


In Real Life said...

Whew-hoooooo! Can't wait until Monday!

MMBB said...

I'm a crap hoarder, bring it on!

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Bwahaha you people are nuts. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

ForeverRhonda said...

I have been de-cluttering myself exactly for an opportunity such as re-clutter it with more crap!!!

Amy xxoo said...

I love crap! Ooh, and stuff, i love stuff aswell. If your giving away crap stuff, i'm totally entering!

lori said...

I'm all full up of crap - but nothing a laxative won't take care of before Monday! I'm in :-)

Badger said...

Hmmm....sounds great!

Jenn @ South of Sheridan said...

Gotta love crap! can't wait! :) I'll be back on Monday for your giveaway.

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