Friday, October 14, 2011

Mr Anon.E.Mouse... and more Speak bands.

I know we're all just gagging to hear about what happened with My Anonymous Commenter, the original. I'm happy to say that eventually, after much prodding, he did email me, under the very apt pseudonym of Anon E. Mouse.

I think you all be disappointed. I know I was.

Here's an excerpt...

At the end of the day, I guess what I basically want to say is this...
I really am not a prospect in the cupid stakes, and sorry if my comments gave out otherwise, in any way. Looking inward, I think they were probably just an expression of my romantic side in overdrive, having silly daydreams. That's really more a product of me, and where I'm at than anything else. 
So, I think I'll just withdraw quietly, and stand aside and let anon #2, decent and polite as he is, take pole position. 
..... I think I'll just retreat quietly, and not hassle you in any way at all, even though I'll probably still be looking in at your blog now and then, to see how you're doing. You've been through quite enough to last more than a lifetime. You're one plucky lady, to have survived, and kept going, and I'm in tremendous admiration of you, and your commitment to your little ones.
Ahhhh well. This online romance thing is... kind of deflating.

Mr Anon #2... it's over to you.


OK... a while back, when I published the post about Speak bands... it didn't occur to me that a stamped, self-addressed envelope from overseas would be useless to post in Australia.


Thanks for those who politely pointed this out without laughing at me.
Thanks again to Naomi for the picture.
The obvious solution to this is, if you are not in Australia and would still like a Speak band, is to post a self addressed (but not stamped!) envelope to....

PO Box 153
Picton NSW 2571

.. and I will stamp it and send it back.

A few people have inquired about paying for their Speak bands... it's not at all necessary, even for the ones that are going overseas. The comfort is gives me, knowing that they are going out there.... it's worth every cent.

But, if you just can't help yourself, there is a PayPal Donation box over there on the right hand sidebar.

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Sapphyre said...

Loving my Speak band, Lori. But bugger it, wore it to two mental health conferences last week and no one asked me about it and I didn't pipe up and tell anyone... never mind, I'll be braver next time.

I did tell the kids about it. Given that my 7yo daughter's best friend's dad also took his life this year, they are quite on the ball and interested in such things. In primary school. I don't shelter them as much as my parents did me.

Good luck with the dating! Sounds like it's amusing at the very least :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I feel it's appropriate for me to "leave some love" on this thread this morning..and so far, I'm the first on this list to do so.

This is me, ...Anon E Mouse.
And this is a personal note to you, and a somewhat public declaration of where I'm coming from, I guess.

Lori, if I was single, and a decade younger, things may all be entirely different!

But....I'm not. I'm a dad of two, and a husband of one, and still very committed to those three girls in my life. Still, that doesn't exclude me from having opinions, male reactions, feelings, and responses to you, your blog, your videos, and your whole larger than life personality.

And yes, that's why I said that I was actually jealous of Mr Internet Blinddate, and would love to be in his place for a while because you'd be superb company.

It's true. I would. I know, I know, I'm married, and so that's out of the question. And I'm not complaining. I love my girls, and am blessed a thousand times over. But I still think that an evening with you, over a bottle of cabsav, with candles and music in the background, talking and laughing and talking some more, would be quite something. You have personality in bucketloads. There is fire in your belly, and passion in your soul, and thats absolutely gorgeous to see. Everyone on RRSAHM has such admiration and support for you, not just for the circumstances you've survived, but for the wacky, lively, funny girl you were Before, and still are, After.

Your smile, bright eyes, and your cute cheekbones and the way your mouth tightens up like that and your eyes crinkle at the sides, when you say things with feeling, would look just stunning in candlelight!

You're funny, exceptionally bright, full of guts, sensitive but tough, all at the same time. And you can juggle and be a clown!

You're one helluva mama bear, and woebetide anyone who messes with your two little cubs! They'd be mauled! And good on you, for that!

So, yes, that's me. Anon E Mouse. Outed! well, sort of. A chronic lurker around these parts, who's back here to tell you that you're quite something special, that your whole personality stands out, and dont you forget that! Walk tall, and feel proud, and know that it's a lucky guy who's going to win your heart, sooner or later.

- Mouse

Kimberley said...

You know, I reckon there's more Mr Mouse's out there who are single and lovely. As much as that's totally useless to you right now, when you want a Mr Mouse to share some time with right now... it's hopefully some comfort. He'll come. I believe he will.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! Mr Anon E Mouse.

Mrs Woog said...

Dear Mr Mouse,

You sound tops. Is there any chance you have a much younger, cute, single, normal brother you can direct into out Lori's path?

Love Mrs Woog

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Mouse can stalk me any day!

Every word is true.

Amy xxoo said...

Mr Mouse, though sadly unavailable, happens to speak the truth. Every.Single.Word.Of.It

Now all we have to do is find a Mr Single'N'Available Mouse!

Anonymous said...

SATMs are just loosers in every way. please go get a job. noone ever is going to respect someone without a career these days. You contribute to lowering women's status out there

I a different anon. I am italian

Lindseywishinguponstars said...

Excuse ME, Mr. Italian! How rude! Dedicating one's self to motherhood is the hardest, most rewarding, most BENEFICIAL TO SOCIETY "career" out there! You asshole! Rather, what? She should leave her children in the care of someone completely unaware and inequipped to handle thier sensitive emotions to thier father's recent death??? You are such a fuckhead! Go to hell!

Lindseywishinguponstars said...

Sorry for the language everyone, but he really pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! I was gonna say Mr. Mouse was married and well, he said it. He is married!!!! Keep you comments more, um friendly Mr. Married Mouse. Lori's cheek bones? Very flattering, but creepy? Perhaps?? You paint a lovely picture, and I am sure you think you mean well, but why dont you try a bottle of cabsav with your WIFE! I am sure she looks nice in candlelight as well.

And now you Mr Italian Loser. You are an idiot. STFU and have a crappy day. Dont read her blog if you dont like SAHM's. Leave Lori alone and go read something else that better suits ignorant Italian men.

Chin up Lori!! Men are so dumb. Just inferior and dumb.

Love, Lisa

Jane said...

I was thinking that too.
Kinda like those cowards that drive past and whistle...
Why not stop? COWARD..
Mr Mouse seems like a self indulgent, non-committal , MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE, kinda guy, who thinks women should be thankful he noticed them, oh and spread out the compliments- charming- not.
Wish your wife was reading...or maybe she is...she is the Italian anonymous!!!!
Lori- Keep those standards up.
People who will love you will be in your real world, and happy to treat you respectfully, not cyber love bomb without consequences...coward

Anonymous said...

Make sure you’re not still haunted by the ghost of marriage past. Emotional and spiritual healing from divorce or the death of a spouse takes time; in fact, the average person requires three to five years before they can be discerning about a new relationship. Don’t let the rebound-bug bite you where it hurts.

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Dear Italian Anon,

I'm not exactly sure what a SATM is.

But I do make the equivalent of a part time job through my writing, and get to stay at home with my babies. Lucky me, hey?

I'm also not exactly sure what being Italian has to do with anything. You contribute to lowering the general expectation of Italians out there.

Have a lovely day.


Littlelara said...

Mouse, I too think you need to keep your compliments for your wife.
Its just not appropriate, comes across as lecherous and im sure your dw would be hurt.
Lori, the real deal will present himself, don't settle for less.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori!

Such a shame about Mouse. He sounded promising - however now knowing he has a wife, he just sounds creepy.

As for Mr Italian, seriously? Perhaps you're just a tad jealous someone is actually able to earn money while staying with their babies at home. I am a "SATM" (assuming typo here) and earn quite a bit myself running a business - judging book covers and all that.....

It'll come Lori, you're gorgeous and lovely and have personality plus!! Don't settle for a douche (pardon the pun)

Chris Johnston

Eccles said...

Dear Mr Mouse . Oh, to have a friend like you! It doesn't matter that we're both married, with kids. You just sound so damn lovely!! "... doesn't exclude me from having opinions, male reactions, feelings, and responses to you, your blog, your videos, and your whole larger than life personality." Spoken from the heart & so true.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Hi there.

A reader of mine suggested I stop by and check out your blog. I'm heading to work shortly, which is why I don't have more time to read other entries and find out what you're all about. However, from this one entry, and from reading some of your commenters comments, I already feel like I'm going to love your blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. And I'll check back soon.


Miss Cinders said...

Oh YAY you posted about the bands... I'm a slack arse and couldn't be buggered searching for posts.. I know, I should have...

Zoey @ Good Googs said...

Thank you for my band! Riley was so attached to it, wearing it eased her anxiety when she was starting preschool and I think it subconsciously made me choose a certain colour for Piper's room.

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