Saturday, November 12, 2011


One last post from the Purple Before. I almost deleted it, because it's mostly irrelevant- certainly since it's sat in my Drafts folder for so long.... but I hate to delete posts unpublished. And it's a point worth making.



Some of you may have seen, a little while back, I posted over at WoogsWorld. It was a tongue in cheek, silly post about the Man doing and EBay search for the word 'C**T', and it was written for this purpose of being flippant, sharing the sillier parts of my mundane life, and making myself giggle.

It's sat badly with my ever since.

Not the use of the Bad Word. I'm an adult, I'm quite OK with it. I don't particularly like my vagina being referred to as a c**t, but, hey, a word's a word. It was more the fact that in that post, I managed to use the word 'c**t'. But not the word vagina.

I'd hardly call myself a feminist. I have the feminist principles as any women who grew up with the 80's and 90's as her back drop- I am woman, hear me roar. But it's a given, not something we have to fight for.

But I am an advocate of women recognising and owning their own sexuality. Taking it all back, not just the word 'c**t'.

So. A statement. I'm OK with the cunt.

But I'm more OK with word...


In fact, I'm quite a fan of my vagina. It is beautiful. It's served it's purpose, done it's thing,and it's a huge part of my identity, a married, sexually aware women.

I'm also OK with the words clitoris, labia and vulva.

Words are funny things, yes? I blogged not long ago about the sentiment meaning more than the solidity of language. Maybe this makes me a hypocrite, I don't know.

Whatever. The point here seems to be, to me, that in this case my sentiment wasn't wrong, or right. Probably just stupid. And, really, stupidity is no excuse.

So... that's all. That's probably enough for one day, yes? I know, this may seem like an odd post, but this blog- including the guest posts I do- are an extension of me. And don't like to think that I'm in any way responsible for disempowering women. Even if it's just through a silly posts about the word 'c**t'.

Any-hoo-ha. I'm OK with the word vagina. Are you?

[Image used is vagina-inspired artworks from Etsy. I pinched it from this blog, which has been dormant for a while. The seller's credentials are listed there.]

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19 comments: said...

Definitely ok with it.
we have taught our two year old the correct names too. Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.

Something Gorgeous said...

I actually have no respect for anyone who cannot use the correct termimology! what is it that they have to use strange made up words like "fanny" or "willy"? its part of the anatomy like any other and to use names other than their correct ones somehow diminishes their value or worth, when in actual fact they are probably the mst beautiful and creative parts of our body!

Vicky said...

Well you don't call your leg another word do you? its a leg. just like its a vagina.

It always makes me laugh when people get uncomfortable about the words penis,testes, vagina, clitoris, vulva, etc...

I remember I had friend that was going to call her daughter's vagina her flower... really?? seriously??

people are funny...

Miss Pink said...

I don't like the c-word. I just think it's very trashy and gross.
If I heard it every now and then, whatever, but I think it's that Mr Blacks friends use it so often and in such a derogatory sense. They even go as far to spell it with a K which just gets my back up even more.

But words like vagina, and clitorus, labia etc. don't offend me. My kids know what a vagina is and call it that, no cutesy pet names here.
I can't say I love my vagina, but i'm still learning to respect my body and love it, so it will come with time.
Have you seen the vagina looking vibrator pillows on etsy? They are a pillow that looks like a vagina, obviously, but it has a pocket in it to hide your vibrator. I think I will get my sister one for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

OK. If we're going to get all politically correct, lets get it right.
Women have a VULVA. The parts of the vulva are the labia (minor and majora) the urethra, the clitoris and the VAGINA. Each one has its own specific purpose. Duh!
So (and here is where the superiority of women's anatomy comes into its own) to equate a penis with a vagina we need to be more specific. The organ that urine passes from? The organ that provides sexual pleasure? Or the organ that has a purpose for procreation?
Or we can call it by its correct anatomical name as used by my MIL - "Janey"

Here endeth the lesson. Mrs C

Judd Exley said...


Whew, that feels better. You should start all entries this way.

Being American by birth, where the "C" word is the Queen Mother of all Dirties, I've adopted its meaning to be more along the lines of "someone who is acting poorly in a deliberate fashion, with no intention of being nice right now."

To use it to refer to a ladypart kills boners. Don't kill boners.

Whenever words get to feeling funny, I sing Monty Python's "The Penis Song". That usually resolves it.

This also works for whenever a politician is speaking, my mother-in-law is lecturing or my kid's teachers are posturing.

Isn't it frightfully well to have a dong...

Mad Loves Sweets.

Toni said...

I don't like the C-word, I think it's ugly.
Ditto -- vulva. It just sounds ugly.
(combination of the letter sounds, not the connotations)
But yeah, we should be teaching our girls they have a vulva *shudder* as well as a vagina and a clitoris and some labia.
And for the boys, let's teach them NOT TO ANNOUNCE their penis/testicle ownership to every stranger they meet, hmmm?

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, each to his or her own.

To be honest, I find it's not something that comes up in conversation all that often (but maybe that's just me ;)

Jane said...

hahahahaha , Mrs C
Now, I've been called a cunt before..
But a cunt called a Janey is hilarious...

So my ex was right...bahahahahah
So glad he is my ex...

Tony said...

I don't really relate the c word to a vagina, to me it is a more unsavoury person,lol. But isn't it funny how many words and names they have!, just cause parents don't think their kids should say vagina.
Anyway Howbout those Bronco's... :)

Oldie said...

The C word.. I hate it.. I hate hearing it 2 times in every sentence from most of the dumbarse males I have as friends.

I much refer to use the real names of things.. besides, that C word for me does not equate to the lovely vagina in any way.. to me the C word describes the most dispicable people in the world who I refer to as Big Vaginas.. because i hate using the C word.

I hate even more to hear a women use the C word.. makes my skin crawl wondering why they have no honour for themselves... but that's just me being an old fart in this terrible modern world we live in... or is it??

Sarah said...

I'm not sure if I've told you this before, but my sister was absolutely horrified when 3yo Mrs Z said penis & agina (couldn't quite say it properly back then). She was even more horrified when she heard 2yo Miss J refer to her gina (again still learning the word at that point).

Poor Mr Z had an incident at school where he had no idea what a doodle was though, so I think teaching the realy words & perhaps some of the alternatives are a good idea too. Though I don't think Miss J will be learning about the c word anytime soon ;)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely HATE the word, I quite like vajayjay and thought that was funny when I heard it on Oprah although I dont use that either.
My girls call it a fanny until they get older, and my boys had doodles, hate hearing a toddler saying the V or P word! lol
Each to their own I guess, its my house and my kids and I prefer not to hear it, such a gross word in my opinion....
I have no problem with the word cunt but dont associate that with a fanny either! Just a common swear word some people use and as some commentators mentioned, used more to describe a person than a female body part.
Personal choice, its what makes us individuals... :)

pinktutu72 said...

I guess I'm still immature, I can say it, but not without giggling. At least in my head.

Annabellz said...


Rhonda said...

I'm okay with the word vagina. :) I wish more people were. This post reminds me of that scene in the movie where the teacher is teaching sex ed and she makes the class say "penis penis penis, vagina vagina vagina".

This Mummy Maze said...

I have no problem with the word vagina, penis or any other name for our body parts but i do have a big problem with the word c--t its just a disgusting really hate filled word i dont know when or why it became associated with the vagina but for something that can do the most amazing job of bringing life into this world i think the vagina has earned the right to be called its given title or at least something nice. I hate that c--t has become such a common word that my 4 year old came home from kindy with a story of 3 boys in her class calling each other "the really bad c word" and had to have a talking to by all 4 teachers i feel its gone to far when our 4 yo's are hearing this at school.

georgi said...

well the c word reminds me of munt which reminds me of something that is broken/not functional .. ie 'this spade is snapped in half. it is munted'. and thats why I don't like it and never use it.

Also, I really dislike that it has two meanings - one a vagina, and two, a derogatory slang word for a doofus. Why not just use a word that isn't likening a doofus to a woman's vagina - because that's what I think it does. The term is used for each meaning depending on who you are so of course the meanings get confused - or go side by side. so when someone says the word, even if you know by context they mean doofus, you still think of a woman's vagina. even if its not conscious.

the word vulva is an incredibly difficult word to say without making a really unusual unpleasant sound with the voice. i always think someone's just trying to say revolver. but I don't not use it, because it is a scientific term. I just avoid using it.

vagina ? i have no problem with. at all.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

words are just words, it's the context and how they are said that gives them power. Just had a funny conversation with my mum about twat problems. I've heard cunt used well and in an evil way. I think vagina and penis sound so scientific and medical. I think these are bits to be celebrated and play a huge part in our lives - so why not give them terms of endearment. My kids know all the words but day to day we have Nelly or Nina as my 2 year old girl dubbed hers, and doodah or willy for the dangly bits. They are funny parts of anatomy so I think they deserve a silly name.

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