The Big ThankYou GiveAway

by Lori Dwyer on July 13, 2011 · 313 comments

Heya jellybeans,

OK. As we know, over the last six months or so, the blogging community has saved my soul. You have held me up, held me tight, wiped my tears, listen to me rage against the unfairness of my world as it is. You’ve sent present, comments, Tweets and emails, and every time I reached out to the online world, someone was there, waiting to reach back.

So…. I’d like to, if I could, give a little something back to you guys. I don’t run giveaways here often- this is the first one, in the After; but this one is important. Let’s call it….

As much as I’d love to give every single one of you a prize, that just ain’t possible. So, instead, I collected as many different prizes as possible, to give you the greatest chance of winning.

OK, lovelies. Here’s the booty. I’ll fill you in on the how-to-enter bit and the end of the list. Stick with me here.

Let’s have a bit of fun here, hey? It will make a nice change for a bit….

Secret Garden Rose Quartz and Tourmaline Necklace
From the awesome Etsy store Magpie’s Trick, who you can follow on Twitter here. Valued at US$40.
Disney DVD Packs (Three of these to be won!)
Featuring Snow White, Pinncohio, Mickey’s ClubHouse Big Balloon Race and Alice in Wonderland, handy Manny and others. Three titles per pack….A huge thanks to Disney Studios and Porter Novelli for this one, valued at minimum $90 each pack.

RubberMaid Pack
Featuring the squeaky clean RubberMaid Reveal Mop and the super easy RubberMaid Easy Find 7 Piece Lid Set. Valued at $49.95, it’s been kindly donated by our friends at RubberMaid and Porter Novelli.

Doodle Bear

Remember these…? No, this isn’t my old one I’m giving away. It’s a brand new one- because Doodle Bear is back! Thanks to Fisher Price, valued at $60.
Kid Tough Digital Video Camera
A video camera. For kids. Super easy to operate, and virtually unbreakable. totally endorsed by the Chop, who loves his. Thanks to Fisher Price, valued at $140.

A Blog MakeOver
You know you want this. A make over for your blog from MooZoo Designs, who can you can find on Twitter and FaceBook. A Blooger design is worth $80, a WordPress design $150.
Personalised Cushion
From the awesome Mm is for Me, who is on Twitter and FaceBook, and I’ve blogged about before. You can choose which letter you’d like, and it’s valued at $40.

Personalised Candle Set
From the awesome JP Designs. You choose the design, and it’s valued at $40.

Nic-Nac Carry-All

From the legendary Nic-Nac Designs, who you can find on Twitter– and she blogs. I personally vouch for both of these- I have a balloon ball and a carry all, and they’ve become ‘can’t-live-without’s’ in the cottage in Paradise. The carry-all may just last forever, it’s so tough. Valued at $90.

Nic-Nac Balloon Balls (Four of These to Win!)
The coolest thing since balloons were invented- the balloon ball. Our balloon balls are going strong- versatile, durable and fun for everything. And perfect for kids scared of POP! Also from the tremendous nic-nac nappywraps, valued at $20 each.

Vileda Cleaning Kit (Five of these to be won!)
Recent research from Vileda has indicated that Aussie women would prefer their partner to clean the bathroom rather than buy them a small gift. So get this kit in the arms of your man for a not so subtle hint to score brownie points! Vileda is available in Coles, selected IGAs, Franklins, Big W and Woolworths nationwide.
Endorsed by RRSAHM’s cleaning fairy (*ahem*). Thanks to Vileda, it’s valued at $60.
Wondercap (Two of these to be won!)
OK, so the Wondercap may not look like stylish when it’s on…. but believe me it does some seriously awesome things to your hair. it’s actually reduced the likelihood of my having horrendous hair mornings, which is saying something. Thongs that fold into your bag- invention of the century, or what?! Thanks to Wondercap and WordStorm, valued at $39.95 each.

Flipsies (Three of these to be won!)

Thongs that fold into your bag- invention of the century, or what?! These fold into a tiny, phone size zip bag that tucks in your handbag, perfect for pedicures and big nights out…. valued at $29.95 each, thanks to Flipsies and WordStorm.

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner Sets (Five of these to be won!)
I adore Pantene. As we know. And I know it’s something a lot of mums can afford all the time. So, please if you win these, lock them in the bottom of your wardrobe and only get them out for your showers, OK? OK. Thanks to P & G, valued at $25 each set.

$50 Gift Voucher from Bamboo Village
We remember Bamboo Village, right? Of course we do. This is the awesome company who sponsored me to go to the Aussie Blogger’s Conference. And they’ve chipped in again with a gift voucher to spend in their online store, worth $50. You can find them on Twitter. Did I mention they are awesome?

Booettes HairClips (Three to be won!)
I think the pictures here speak for themselves. So very cute. So very, very cute. I think that’s the best way to describe them- cute. Valued at $10 each. They’ve been donated by MissBoo and BeeTwo, who also donated….

Wipes Clutch
If the clips are cute, then the only word for this is funky. Wipes are daggy. Make them cool. As I said, also from Miss Boo and BeeTwo and valued at $15.

Bloggy Book Pack
A pack of six awesome books… some written by bloggers you may know and love. This pack includes Mosquito Advertising by Kate Hunter, Last Summer by Kylie Ladd,Happily Ever Parted by Bronwyn Marquardt, Six Frames by Dr Edward de Bono, Bryson’s Dictionary for Writer’s and Editors by Bill Bryson, and A Course in WeightLoss by Marianne Wilkinson. Valued at $200.
Donated by…. Denyse Whelan-Who blogs three ways!
Denyse is a retired School Principal who loves blogging, social networking and being part of the on-line community in Australia and beyond. Denyse and Lori met at Aussie Bloggers Conference in 2011 and became good friends. Denyse is blogging as ‘herself’, but in photos and more, at memories, about schools and education at education, and caring for husband who has Parkinsons Disease at caring.
Personal blog:
Education blog: 

Caring blog:

Isagenix Cleansing System
Every day we’re exposed to toxins in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the items we touch. Cleanse for Life® helps give your body the nutrition it needs to cleanse itself naturally, and unlike other “cleanses,” laxatives or diuretics that can deplete your body, Cleanse for Life nourishes and feeds your entire body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicals. Deep and daily cleansing with either our powder or liquid forms of Cleanse for Life, supports your mental and physical performance, resistance to stress and digestive health. It can also help
protect your body from the cumulative damage of environmental toxins and oxidative stress. 

Valued at US $40.

Isagenix Five Piece Sample Pack

With the Isagenix 5-Piece Sample Pak you can enjoy individual servings of some of our most popular products. Includes….
IsaDelight Plus™ – 1 ct (perishable)
New IsaLean® Shake Natural Creamy Vanilla – 1 meal packet
Slim Cakes®: Oatmeal Berry – 1ct
IsaLean® Bars Chocolate Cream Crisp – 1 bar (perishable)
Want More Energy?® Sticks – Orange – 1 countValued at US $20. Both Isagenix prizes generously donated by Be Happy, Healthy and Wise. More info on Isagenix can be found here and here.

Wedding Etiquette For Ferals- A Novel.
One very funny and very cool chic lit novel up for grabs! It’s penned by one of our own- a groovy blogger named Peta Jo, who you can check out on FB and Twitter. Worth approx $30.

Serenity Necklace
Serenity Necklace. Made from copper, hand stamped and given a textured finish. Comes on an adjustable 16”-18” black suede cord. Valued at $20. This beautiful piece has been generously donated by Blue Maven, who you can Friend on FaceBook.

Blue Maven was created by two stay at home moms who love to design and make beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry. Between raising 6 kids, 4 pets, 2 dads and keeping the house running smoothly, we’ve found the importance of taking time for ourselves to do the things we love! We make hand-crafted jewelry that combines fun, beauty and style. We use only quality materials consisting of sterling silver, copper, nickel silver, and Swarovski crystal beads. We love to do custom orders so let us know if there is something special you would like. We know you will find something to fall in love with! 

Bonus Prizes

I know, I know- not everyone is as into cloth nappies (diapers, whatever) and baby wearing  and baby stuff as I am. So, these two prizes are bonus prizes- if you’d like to win, them, just add the word ‘Bonus!’ to your comment and I’ll enter your name into the second, bonus drawer- an extra chance to win, if you have littlies.
Tots Bots All-In-One Cloth Nappy
I’ve raved cloth before. you know how much I love it. A huge thanks to Cotton Bottom for donating this one, valued at $39.95. Here’s the Bump modeling hers, which has been going strong for a year now….

Snazzy Baby Combo Carrier.
Happy babies are kept close, and happy mums have their hands free. And that’s what a Combo Carrier is for!! A massive thankyou to Snazzy Baby, who can follow on Twitter or Like on FaceBook, for donating this one, which is super cool, lightweight and easy to use, and valued at $89.95.

Nic Nac NappyWrap
An awesome little invention that tucks away nappies, wipes and all those other bits and pieces in a change mat. It’s durable, versatile, and way awesome. Again thanks to Nic-Nac Nappy Wrap, valued at $85.

The Super Extra Special Bonus Prize
To win one of these, please add the word “Sydney” to your comment.
Family Passes to Taronga Zoo (Two of these to win!)

 My absolute, no questions, personal favourite prize. You may remember, back in the Before, I blogged about Taronga Zoo, and how much of a very special place it was for Tony and I. Well, the good people at Taronga have donated two family passes, valued at $112.60 each.

And…. that’s it. Wow. I know. That’s like, a miiiiiillion dollars worth of prizes. Or something. Hey, it’s not called the Big ThankYou GiveAway for nothing.

OK. Now, for the purpose of making this easy for everyone, the rules are very simple….

* Entry is open to everyone, residents of all countries, but you must have a valid email address and be over 18 years of age.

* To enter, simply leave a comment on this post. Please make sure that either your email address is visible through Blogger, or you leave an address in your comment.

* If, for whatever reason you can’t leave a comment here, drop me an email through the Contact page.

* One entry for person.

* Entries close Midnight Saturday 23rd July, AEST.

* Winners will be drawn soon after using Random, and contacted by email. Winners will have 72 hours to respond to this email, or the prize will be redrawn.

* No discussion will be entered into. Bribe me with jellybeans instead.

I think that’s about it for the nitty gritty. I do hope you all enjoy entering, and please click around and visit the companies who were totally awesome enough to donate.

And once again, a huge thank you, to every single one of you. This giveaway is not even close to being ‘enough’, and words are inarticulate to express how much all this InterWeb love has meant to me…

You guys are tops.

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