Learn to swing like Tiger Woods…

by Lori Dwyer on December 9, 2009 · 0 comments

Yep, I know how ironic this is- I’m contributing to the current hysteria- but I am so over hearing about Tiger Woods. Yep, the man is an idiot. He has cheated on his wife repeatedly, and if he were my husband… well, I’d like to say I’d castrate him, but we all know that in reality I am a total doormat.

Anyway, this morning on Sunrise (that quality piece of programming), they interrupted themselves to go to breaking news- a reporter, live outside the hospital where Tiger’s MIL was just being released, with a clean bill of health. This is breaking news, worth a live feed? Not even him, but his MIL?? Ridiculous.

To the media of the world- lay off. Not for him- he deserves what he gets- but for his wife and kid. She must be humiliated enough without his indiscretions becoming breaking news. What a rotten situation to be in.

And on a side note- the Tiger Mistress Count is currently at eleven. Eleven. Where did this guy find time to play golf amongst all that anyway?

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