Two feral children and the Party Season Awards.

by Lori Dwyer on January 4, 2010 · 0 comments

Ok, I’m back. Sorry for the hiatus. I was having terrible visions of my blog fading into obscurity, with the last post being about Tiger Woods.

Party season in the D household is almost over, praise heaven. Here it lasts from ds‘s birthday in the first week of December to dh‘s birthday in the first week of January. So it’s officially been a month of good cheer and both my kids are absolutley screaming feral. Dd has been passed from rello to IL and back again, like a hot potato. And ds has had a solid month of eating junk, staying up late and missing day naps. They are both tired, out of sorts and out of routine. And to top that off, in some kind of bizarre torture tactic for the mothers of small children, there is no day care, no playgroup and no swimming lessons until next week, and ds‘s best mate is away for two weeks. SoftPlay might be making some money off us this week, me thinks.

To give you a small sample of what is going on here, ds was up at 5am, and made enough noise to wake dd, who then refused to go to sleep again until 9am, and then it was only a half hour nap in the sling. Ds went down for a nap at 11, then woke screaming at 1, and proceeded to have a 20 minute tantrum for an ice cream. I don’t where he got that idea from- we don’t even have any ice cream in the house. Maybe he was dreaming about it? Way too much sugar for that child over the last few weeks.

But it’s all ok, because there is only one (count it- ONE!!) party to go, and that’s dh‘s birthday, so a very small one. Yay!!

And seeing as it’s almost all over, here are my Annual Party Season Awards…

Best Present– Close tie between ticket to Wicked and an awesome candle lamp from Dusk.

Worst Present– A fibre optic hummingbird that lights up in all different colours.

Best Party Food– Wendy’s ice cream cake. How they get the sponge cake on the bottom to stay un-soggy is beyond me. Yum.

Worst Party Food– Cut glass, that jelly stuff. Who makes that anymore?? My distant relatives, that’s who.

Best ShinDigDh‘s niece’s half sister’s 5th birthday. Awesome fun.

Worst ShinDig– Xmas Eve dinner with my dad’s side. *Sigh*

Dishonourable mentions– Ditto my second cousin on my mum’s side. My brother for getting horrendously drunk and sunburnt at ds‘s birthday, earning himself the nicname ‘Roast Maggot’.

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