A Treasure Hunt. Of Sorts.

by Lori Dwyer on February 7, 2013 · 0 comments

If it seems like there’s been a lot of competitions and giveaways and what not running on this blog in the last few weeks… that’s because there has been. I find it difficult to say ’no’. Because you lot are awesome. And I like it when you get prizes and free stuff.

Anyway. This one isn’t my competition, technically. But it is pretty damn awesome and I am thrilled to share.

It’s like one of those treasure hunts you used to play at parties when you were a kid. Only the winner, instead of getting a lolly necklace that may or am not have been infested with ants by that time; gets a shiny, brand new VF Commodore off the production line.

What’s a VF Commodore look like, you ask? I have absolutely no idea. Neither done anyone else. Therein lays the game, jellybeans. You are henceforth treasure hunters, searching for pieces of the puzzle that will, once completed, reveal what the new VF Commodore looks like.

Think of this one as geo–caching meets the Great Cloth Nappy Hunt. If you are the adventurous type or a local inhabitant of any of Australia’s capital CBD’s (because there’s always the chance that you stumble across a puzzle piece on your daily commute- stranger things have happened) then you have the option of searching for real life, physical, well–hidden puzzle pieces.

If you’re playing online– like a lot of us will be– then you can search for one of 69 images that are hidden online. Where…? I do not know. But it will certainly justify all the chronic procrastination via Internet that I’ve been known to partake in.

Every time a piece of the puzzle piece is found, screen–shotted (or snap shotted, for the IRL ones) and uploaded to the Build The New Commodore website, a new piece of the car puzzle is revealed online. New clues to where puzzle pieces might be will be uploaded to the Build The New Commodore website each day the competition runs, right up until the live streaming of the car reveal on the Holden YouTube Channel on February 10th. Every person who signs up and uploads an image that they’ve found is in the draw to win one of the first ever VF Commodores when it’s released in mid-2013. It doesn’t matter if someone else finds the piece first – if you find it, you still go into the draw.

So. Pirate eye patches and pirate speak ahoy, jellybeans. Argggghhh. (Because we’re treasure hunting…? Obviously). The first puzzle pieces– and the first clue on the Commodore website– goes live February 6th.

Happy hunting. I’ll see you there.


If you hadn’t picked it yet, this post bought to you by Nuffnang.

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