Bump’s Fluffy Bum and the Chop’s Super railway!

by Lori Dwyer on February 1, 2010 · 0 comments

My little Daisy Bump- a piccie of her in the gorgeous Itti Bitti that one of my beautiful BB friends sent for me to try out today- my first ever fluffy mail! (hi, Rachel!). Too cute. And soft and fluffy and purple to boot :)

Tra la la, it is very early for me to be blogging- only 9pm. (oops- make it 10pm buy the time I hit post- back on schedule) Wow. That either means I’ve been extremely productive and have gotten everything done early, or incredibly lazy and indulged in rampant procrastination. I’ll let you choose (hint: It’s been a week since I mopped my kitchen floor.)

But I did have to get on here and share my piccies of the completed Thomas railway, on it’s table, with all it’s bits in place. We had miles of leftover track. When I said it was enough for CityRail, I wasn’t joking- they could finally put in a Hills line with our leftovers. But I must admit, the finished product does look pretty cool (points to dh for the Thomas-blue paint job and new legs on the table).

And, as you can imagine, ds just adores it :) He is totally in his element. Thats’ him over therplaying with Edward, his favorite. Or his arm, at least. Busy toddlers are difficult to catch on film.In the background there is Cranky the Crane, who is my favorite. Great big rusty cranky thing that is ;) Cranky the Crane is also dd’s afternoon nicname- because, boy, is she cranky. And bossy. It’s hysterical- yells at the top of her lungs till you look at her, then starts smiling and coooing, all cute like, because she’s got an audience ;)

To be honest, I’m exceedingly blessed. I go on about how feral my kids are and how I’d leave them at the LifeLine donation bin, given half the chance, but they are gorgeous. Even ds in the midst of the terrible two’s, is a pleasent little fellow to be around- not just for me, but for everyone. Happy, friendly, funny and independant. I’m a very proud mummy.

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