Crap-tastic movie review- I Love You Too

by Lori Dwyer on May 22, 2010 · 7 comments

Howdy do and welcome to the first ever RRSAHM crap-tastic movie review. Believe me when I say, this will probably not be a regular event. This is the first time I’ve been to the movies in months and no one wants to read the reviews of the pirated DVD’s I’ve finally gotten around to watching six months after we get them movies that have been out for ages. This is a one off. Keep calm and carry on.

I Love You Too
Directed by Peter Hellier. Starring- Peter Hellier (and his beard). Megan Gale (Hot and Italian). Brendan Cowell. (Bogan with cool job). Bridie Carter. (Pregnant bogan with bogan husband). Peter Dinklage. (Short and hysterically funny).
Now, before I go, a disclaimer- this is an Aussie movie, folks. Apologies to those who are overseas- I really, really don’t think it will ever see the light of day in your cinemas or DVD stores. Meh. That’s the way the Aussie film industry goes.
I left the kidlets at home with The Man last Saturday night and escaped to the movies with my mate CourtneyB the SuperMummy, funded by free tickets courtesy of the Commonwealth Bank (long story). We chose I Love You Too due to the complete lack of anything else on. Not being Russell Crowe fans. Because, let’s face it- Rusty with a bow and arrow is still just Rusty.
And we were pleasantly surprised.
Being an Aussie comedy, I went in to this one fully expecting a swag load of cringe-worthy sight gags, lashed with tired jokes and sweeping stereotypes. Cue Muriel’s Wedding and The Castle, but not as witty and far more self depreciating.
But I Love You Too came out on the upper side of the cringe scale.
While Peter Hellier (and his beard) does overweight loser very well, it seems he is better behind the camera. The movie was well shot and didn’t clunk. Except for a few shots of signs on overpasses that looked like they were edited in as an after thought.. Whatever. The cast were easy to watch, honest and unbelievably funny.
Really, you say? Funny? Yep, really. Peter Dinklage, an American midget dwarf little person short guy (I’m not sure of the PC terminology here, OK? So I’ll say ‘short guy’. because he is both short and a guy) was the stand out. His comic timing was brilliant and totally deadpan. The humor ranged from terrible pick up lines that should not have worked but were so earnestly done they did; to a rather bizarre scene at a mechanics work shop. I’m still not one hundred percent sure what was going on there, but do keep an eye out for it.

The basic plot goes like this- Jim has had a gorgeous girlfriend for three and a half years now, but can’t tell her he loves her. Which kind of makes him a loser. Enter a bunch of other losers, a short guy and a supermodel, and hilarity ensues. As it so often does.

As with all Aussie comedies, the ending was sweet and has probably been done before (only better), but managed to do work the happy angle without being saccharin sweet and vomit-inducing.
On the RRSAHM scale, I’m giving it four out of a possible five jellybeans. It loses one jellybean for.. well… Peter Hellier’s beard. Absolutely atrocious.
So, if you feel like supporting the local film industry (and goodness knows we need it), this really is a top  movie to see. And well worth your hard earned cash. Your husband will like it too.Promise. After all, it features Megan Gale. Speaking Italian. And what could possibly be hotter than that?

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