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by Lori Dwyer on February 16, 2013 · 10 comments

The Bumpy Fashionista.

The Bumpy Fashionista.

Many, many moons ago I wrote a blog post (the last blog post, actually, before the whole world changed for good) confessing my anti–fashionista status. Complete with embarrassing photo.

Not an awful lot has changed, really. I’m still a massive dag. I’m getting slighter better as I get older.

Kind of.

The Bump, however, has taken to dressing up with a totally different attitude to her mum. I’m not sure where she get hers fashion sense from… but it rocks.

Given the ‘choose your battles’ mentality that I employ most days, the Bump is now her own stylist, and picks her own clothes. Which leads to some absolutely glorious outfits. Friday’s choice, for school drop and daycare, was this stunning bridal ensemble.

Veil, party dress, gummies. As you do.

Veil, party dress, gummies. As you do.

The Bump taken to raiding my wardrobe as well, of course. To her frustration there’s only two or three dresses that “spin properly, Mumma!!”. And she’s not allowed to wear my dresses out of the house, which causes many teary tantrums. (My pretty girl throws herself dramatically only the floor, only to bump her head in her melodrama. “Mummy!!” she screams, rubbing the rising swell of her eyebrow, “I have hurt my frown and I neeeeeeed it!!!”)

The Bump’s personal favorite.

This dress courtesy of one of the Bump’s many stylists, Tegan.

This dress courtesy of one of the Bump’s many stylists, Tegan.

I’m not sure if she gets her fluffy, frilly pink girlishness as a result of having so few male influences, or if she’d inherently be this way anyway. I find myself encouraging it without really meaning to… feminism aside, she is just so damn cute.

But some days are better than others. Some days she’s beautiful, even color coordinated.

Some days she's even color coordinated.

Some days she’s even color coordinated.

Other days… well. Other days, I guess she just takes more after me.

And other days... she takes after me.

And other days… she takes after me.

This Bumpy Fashion spread bought to you by Little Woods online shopping. Miss Fashionista has reviewed their collection and assures me that this one is “the very prettiest”.

LadyBird BrushStroke Dress

LadyBird BrushStroke Dress