Oh, lookie lookie at my pretty new blog!

by Lori Dwyer on January 31, 2010 · 0 comments

Hi all,
Well, with thanks to the lovely Sarah, with her awesome blog http://www.hawkercentral.com/sjh/, I now have a ‘proper’ blog- and wow, is it pretty :D Maybe having a proper one will inspire me to write in it even more- or maybe not, you never know ;)

For those who are following the cloth journey, my stash is expanding rapidly and I’ve only used one ‘sposie a day for the last three days (while I’ve been waiting for the others to dry). yay for me! So far, so good, and I very proud of myself.

Unfortunatley, my darling little Bump (that’s her there ^ Bet you think she’s cute, huh?) is going through that fantastic stage of sleep regression- you know the one. They hit for monthys and suddenly they can’t keep their little possum eyes shut for long enough to sleep. The tiniest noise- ds breathing, or perhaps a dust mote falling on the carpet, snaps dd into what we like to her Esme Mangel Sticky Beak mode, and suddenly her head is swinging around like it’s on ball bearings while she tries to see what is going on. Yesterday, I had dd screaming in the hammock, ds screaming at me (because… well.. he could) and the only option I could see was to be the one who yelled the loudest ;) After that little episode, it was well and truly nap time- the kids went to bed, and mum went out the back for a cigarette (or three).

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