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I had a reiki massage a few weeks ago. It was complimentary of RedBalloon. Choosing a reiki massage as my ‘challenge’ for this RedBalloon Mums round felt like a bit of a cop out. But after swimming with sharks, skydiving, canyoning, trapeze, and stunt driving…. I figured I deserved to take the soft option this time around.

It was one of the better decisions I’ve made. An hour and a half of massage, reiki and some crystal therapy, I was totally, completely blissed out, and stayed that way for days.

Not knowing much about reiki, I had no idea what to expect. Kristen, the massage therapist, showed up full of smiles and radiating positive energy. She came to me. Having a massage at home, not having to disrupt your zen when you go back into the real world once you’ve finished… there’s a lot to be said for that.

Kristen started by giving me a half hour neck and shoulder massage, then turned me over onto my back and started the reiki. It was silent and peaceful and I may have have been half–dozing and occasionally snoring slightly. Also, I could vaguely hear my very naughty cat drinking from the bowl of water Kristen had put out for crystal cleansing purposes. That was slightly disconcerting.

Not that any of that matters. Google tells me that the aim of reiki is to raise your life force energy. Low life force energy makes you feel tired and stressed. A high life force energy allows you to feel healthier and happier.

I’m not sure how much I believe in that- I don’t now enough about it to make any kind of call on its authenticity. All I can say is that I was more relaxed after my reiki treatment than I have been in months. It made me feel better physically- I’m more flexible and have more energy. It’s been good for my mental health.

And the effect has been lasting- I’ve felt just that little bit better, in every way, ever since.



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Brad (Griff) March 14, 2014 at 1:21 am

A long time friend swore by Reiki in the early 90s. He also managed to get rid of Non-Hogkins Lymphoma using a combination of diet, reiki, and natural oxygen therapy (ie, walking 3 km along the beach every morning). Anyone I’ve spoken to who has had experience with reiki have always had positive stuff to say about it. I should hunt down a practitioner up here in the boondocks :)
Shouldn’t be hard. Plenty of old school hippies and alternative lifestylers who would have been practicing for years (I hope).
Brad (Griff) recently posted…It Rains Here But It Stays BeautifulMy Profile


Whoa, Molly! March 10, 2014 at 8:17 am

I was having a massage on average every second day while I was overseas. The physical benefits are so amazing, but there’s really something to be said of having an hour of peace, to be alone inside your head with all of that relaxing going on… I wish I could keep up the schedule here.

Glad it helped you!


Sandie @ AppleBee Lane March 10, 2014 at 1:57 am

Well, I have to say, I can’t blame you for taking the “soft” option! You’re certainly braver than me because I’m not sure I could ever swim with a shark, skydive or do any of the other things you mentioned. Mind you, I’ve never had a Reiki massage either, so that’s going on my “To Do list”!


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