Retro RRSAHM- Lori Meets Abby Cabaddy

by Lori Dwyer on December 26, 2011 · 2 comments

Welcome to Retro RRSAHM Week- otherwise known as “Lori is trying to conserve her emotional energy for when she really needs it” week‘. This one was originally published in July 2011. And, yes, I really did meet Abby Cadabby.


Pumpkins and fairy wings,

Let me begin by saying- Sunny days, everything’s A-OK… because I had the most amazing time of my life today.

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Sesame Street’s newest female character-

Abby Cadabby!!

Yes, really. Cool, huh?

For those of you not up to fur on your Sesame St gossip (where have you been?!) Abby Cadabby is a pink, pretty fairy-in-training who lives with her Mommy on Sesame Street, and gets into all sorts of misadventures with her fairy wings and fairy wand.

And Abby is way, way cool.

And hanging out with her today was way, way fun.

Did you know Sesame Street recently turned 40 years old? And, so Abby  tells me, they had a big birthday party. With a cake that looked just like Sesame Street.

Introducing Abby to fairy bread…

But what didn’t they have? Why, fairy bread, of course.

So I just had to take Abby some Australian party food- fairy bread with pink sprinkles.

I think it’s fair to say she was very, very excited. I had to remind her that fairy bread is a ‘sometimes food’, so maybe she should save it for after her nap?

That went down well. After all, Abby knows all about ‘sometimes food’. First Lady Michelle Obama came to Sesame Street recently and taught everyone all about healthy eating. She helped them plant a vegie garden. Just in case you’re wondering, Abby’s favorite vegetable is pumpkin, followed by popcorn (I’m not entirely sure that’s a vegetable, Abby!).

Ahh, yes, the pumpkins. It is an unfortunate consequence of Abby’s very well-meant magic that sometimes things end up as.. well… pumpkins. And once she turned one Elmo into seven Elmo’s. And then there was that unfortunate incident with Maria from Sesame Street and the chicken. But she promised me that had nothing to do with her.

Everyone say Twisties!!

So, some bits and pieces we learnt today, from Miss Abby Cadabby….

Words are very, very important. And they can cause big things to happen. Not just with fairies, but with people too. They can hurt people’s hearts and we should be careful with them.

You don’t need a wand to be magic. Being kind to people can have the same effect.

My wedding ring is totally not fake. She bit it, just to make sure (Yes, really. I seem to be saying that a lot in this post).

Friends are important. Abby’s favorite gal pals are Rosetta and Zoe. They make pizzas and feed them to Oscar the Grouch because they’re gross.

Abby’s mommy (who is light peach color, by the way, except when she goes out in the sun, and then she’s a burnt peach. Boom tish, Abby.) didn’t come to Australia with her this time. But she did confiscate her wand and put a special fairy petrification spell on her wings, so Abby didn’t accidentally flutter off in excitement. Which was a very good idea, because Abby can be a tad excitable.

Getting groovy with the Abster.

Abby’s picked up some Aussie vocab while she’s been here too. In fact, there is….

The Good- DragaRoo and a PlatyFairy. Magical Australian creatures that only fairies can see.

The Bad- Tim Tams with hot chocolate. Oh, and fairy bread. OK, so they’re not bad, but definitely sometimes foods!

The Ugly- Whinging. Oh yeah, someone taught Abby the word for whinging. Apparently, Elmo does a lot of it. Who knew?

So, as I said, hanging out with Abby was much awesomeness. We even got groovy to the tune of Micheal Jackson’s Man in The Mirror.

And I got a kiss!!

Aren’t I a lucky girl? The Purple House loves Sesame Street, and Mummy has a new favorite.

Abby Cadabby. She’s just so… magic!

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A Daft Scots Lass December 27, 2011 at 8:30 pm

I am loving everyone's Christmassy photos! They make me smile but yours made me giggle out loud.


Susan, Mum to Molly December 26, 2011 at 12:09 pm

Hmmm – it may be my imagination, but I seem to spot a resemblance between Abby and the magical Lori…

Been thinking of you and your kiddos and hoping you're having a happy Christmas.

Lots of love, Susan xx


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