Stop being such a princess and get on the bloody train!

by Lori Dwyer on February 14, 2010 · 2 comments

Howdy all,

Well, it’s day three of the Single Mummy Experiment. We’re doing ok. Our stats look like this.

Day Three.
Frazzle Meter Reading : Low.
Exhaustion Meter Reading: Catastrophic
Sexual Frustration Meter Reading: Moderate to High (exasperated by Valentines Day)
Cigarettes Smoked: Not as many as yesterday.
Times shouted: Still nil.

But, I’ve been having a dilemma, you see. The hospital the Man is in is a half hour drive away, and my little Bump hates car. The Chop was the same at this age.. Any car trip trip longer than 15 minutes results in hysterical screaming. What to do, what to do? I did what i do in complex situations- I consulted my mummy (that’s her there, in the piccie). She’s a pretty cool chick, my mum. Nothing if not down to Earth and honest. And her response was- “Stop being such a princess and get on the bloody train!”.

Top idea Mum. The Chop was in heaven, he LOVES trains. The Bump was happy to fang out in her pram and be rocked of to sleep. And even my old nemesis CityRail decided to cooperate- the trains were running on time (hallelujah,I hear the Sydney locals say). It was pouring rain and none of us cared. Three very happy campers.

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…Mrs.P! February 16, 2010 at 2:04 pm

Nice work. Can't believe the train was on time though! Must have been a miracle!

By the way, I've given you an award on my blog…


Kellyansapansa February 14, 2010 at 4:54 pm

Your Mum sounds like a very wise woman!


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