The Muse Wars- Round Three

by Lori Dwyer on September 6, 2012 · 0 comments

It’s the beginning of Spring (in my half of the world, anyway). And we all know that’s the very best time to be creative, start new things and generally feel better about everything as the days get longer.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Whatever. It’s time for a whole new round of the Muse Wars. Feel free to join on in- my own story coming soon.

The Muse Wars, Round Three- What On Earth Is That…?
The object of the game is- write a piece of fiction (poetry, short story, song, shopping list, whatever) taking your inspiration from the picture above. (Feel free to copy and paste it into your post.)
The experts say modern attention spans last 1000 words, maximum (keep that in mind). Past experience has taught us that it’s easier to play the game if you don’t read other people’s stories first- but the choice is yours.

Publish your piece, return to this post and add your link to list below.
The linky list is open from now until Friday 28th of September; and if we have fun we’ll play this game with a new image every month.

Share the love– read other entries, leave a comment; grab the button below and paste it somewhere on your blog. If you like, you can have the entire linky list on your blog too.

If you don’t have a blog, you can certainly still play! Either email your story to me for publication on RRSAHM, or you can upload your story here, copy the link and add it the list. And please don’t be shy- email me if you need help with any of the techy stuff.

Anyone can play The Muse Wars and all entries are welcome.

Muse Wars- Prescribed For Writers Block and Blog Disillusion


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