The RRSAHM Guide To Healthy Living (Yes, Really)

by Lori Dwyer on November 16, 2011 · 7 comments

The Quit family series
highlights how smoking can impact your family and is made possible by
Quit Victoria. Smoking doesn’t
have to kill you to have an enormous impact on you and your family.
You CAN Quit. Make an appointment with your GP or meet Mick to learn more.


Forgetting the whole Will Lori Or Won’t Lori Actually Get Her Act Into Gear And Quit Smoking discussion… let’s talk about health. Not marathon running or extreme bikram yoga, but general day to day well being.

The body is resilient, but that’s often because we ignore it.

There are simple principles, I think, to staying healthy, and if I’m honest I’m far better at teaching them to my children than I am at applying them to myself. I know what I should be doing… I just don’t always get there.

Anyway. Moving on. As I said, simple principles. Simple every day things that become more and more difficult the faster and more convenient our lives are…

Sunshine and Fresh Air. Because a dose of Vitamin D and a couple of lungfuls of oxygen do wonders for energy levels and moods.

Water. We are all water babies here in the TinyTrainHouse. Juice is a treat, and soft drink a bigger one, and I just don’t have cordial in the fridge at all. The kidlets drink water by half litre bottle, sometimes two a day. And I try, desperately, to do the same… and generally fail.

Exercise. Heh. You can check out the results of my disastrous attempt at taking up jogging in a vlog post coming soon. Until then, allow me to reassure you I am not talking about running marathons. Exercise is easy. Get off thy bum. Do stuff. It does your happy-head a world of good. And it makes for exhausted, sleepy children. Which, as we know, is the mission most days anyway.

Everything in moderation... and nothing to excess. Again, this is a case of me not practicing what I preach. I observe and envy my son’s sense of delayed gratification, his ability to identify so easily the point to stop something before it becomes too much… I’m still learning how to do this.

Eat. This seems to be the best time to answer the question posed here a few days ago by so many of you- what do I actually eat? Wellll… bread stuff, like bread (obviously), biscuits, crackers and toast; dairy like yoghurt and cheese; lots of fruit; occasional steak or chicken; erm… chips; pizza; any kind of pasta with a tomato based sauce… and I think that’s about it. My son, being a fussy eater like me, he’s not too much of a problem. With my daughter, who will eat anything not nailed down, I cook special meals just for her and (probably quite rudely, but, hey, can’t win all the time) encourage her to taste off the plates of others when we’re out and about. I my not eat a wide variety of foods, but I do try to eat healthily… especially when my kids are actually awake and watching. And I encourage them to do the same. To stop us all munching on the junk we’d rather be eating, I have a fool proof method… I just don’t buy it. If we only have healthy options here- especially for snacks, then there’s really not that much of a choice.

So there you have it, jellybeans. Lori’s guide to healthy living. But really, don’t take my word for it… as we’ve discussed, my body is frayed at the edges and near ready to fall apart. So maybe I’m not the best person to ask.

Sponsored Series by Nuffnang
The Quit family series highlights how
smoking can impact your family and is made possible by Quit Victoria. Smoking doesn’t have
to kill you to have an enormous impact on you and your family. You CAN
Quit. Make an appointment with your GP or meet Mick to learn more.

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Annie November 18, 2011 at 8:27 pm

excuse me Anonymous??? Did you just mean to Lori??? DID YOU??

Well I have some news for you. You are a COWARD insulting someone and not even leaving your name. If you read this blog then surely you know what this woman has been through and continues to go through every single day? Is it any wonder she has even more difficulty trying to give up smoking? You are mean and lacking in empathy, you are just plain RUDE.

Take a good long look at yourself.


Claire November 17, 2011 at 3:13 am

I so hear you on the "I can teach this stuff, I just can't always do it" front. Good luck, lady!



Melissa November 16, 2011 at 11:43 pm

What the hell is up with anonymous commenter #1? WTF? Go piss off, douche.
Good post, Lori and I hope you were well compensated – I think we're all working towards living as healthy as we can (with all our vices clamoring for attention). Keep up the good work.


Anonymous November 16, 2011 at 8:50 pm

Your heart is in the right place, Lori.
Changing our habits isn't hard. It's the sticking to the change that's hard.
But you go girl!
Mrs. C


Kel November 16, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Well done Lori for making the choice to quit :) It's hard from what I've seen. Hubby is quitting over Christmas – the same time we'll be knocking out walls in our home. One sledge hammer and one man with nicotine withdrawl – the walls will be gone in 10 minutes ;-)

And Anonymous – your comment is unnecessary and rude. Go away.


Kimmie November 16, 2011 at 12:34 pm


You are one switched on cookie, sounds like you and the kids will do just fine.




Anonymous November 16, 2011 at 10:09 am

Sponsered? …hmmmmmm



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